Who are we?

PAgRE is a consultancy company created in 2007 by Mr Yann Laurent, trained agronomist, specialized in in the domains of fisheries information systems and fisheries statistics.

He has gained experiences over the last 15 years in different domains such as fisheries statistics including stratified sampled based survey for small-scale fisheries monitoring, management of administrative data such as vessel and fisher’s registries with licenses management. With 25 years of experience in IT for agriculture and fisheries, he has a strong knowledge of the design and implementation of information systems for these domains.

PAgRE is part of a larger ecosystem of fisheries experts and consultants.

All together, we can provide services in most of the fisheries domains, from fisheries management to stock assessment, including monitoring, control and surveillance.

We have developed tools to support countries to develop their capacity to produce fisheries statistics (OpenFismis), seafood actors to better traces their products throughout the complete supply chain and comply with certification standards (Verifik8)

We also have IT partners in capacity to develop ad-hoc tools depending on your needs.